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Salon Furniture

Radium salon furniture manufacturer produces barber chair gear covers nearly the totally beauty industry, and the induction fee vary from USD10 to USD2000, you can choose for your rate degree promptly. 


Manufacturer direct pricing on salon equipment and furniture by Radium. Salon furniture, pedicure chairs, electric beauty bed, pedicure chair, shampoo chair, barber chair, manicure tables! Electric beauty beds by Radium electric beauty bed manufacturer & supplier are the perfect amalgamation of style and technology to address all the current needs. When relaxing your customers and making sure they enjoy every minute of the experience, our electric beds will not disappoint. We also offer a wide selection of affordable pedicure chair, shampoo chair, barber chair. We have the best prices for salon equipment and furniture. Radium beauty machine offers a variety of manicure tables for professional salons, spas and manicurists on the go. Our selection includes both modern and traditional manicure nail tables, wash units, master stool, trolley, mirror station that are available in a wide selection of colors. 


Electric beauty bed is one of the common furniture in massage parlor, beauty salon, body massage club, health care club, SPA and other places. Its unique structure design is helpful to the requirements of various angles and orientations of the body in the massage process, and is convenient for technicians to carry out the corresponding operation. Electric beauty bed can allow people to relax muscles, eliminate fatigue, take away stress, adjust the information in the body, and help to improve the body blood circulation, strengthen the physique, strengthen the body and prevent aging, and prolong the life of the body by massage to relax the muscles, eliminate fatigue, take away the pressure, adjust the information in the body, and help improve the body’s blood circulation. So electric beauty bed has become a heated concern for every electric beauty bed supplier.


RADIUM Beauty & Hairdressing Equipment Manufacturer is a professional electric beauty bed manufacturer in China for almost thirty years, we know about electric beauty bed just like we know our own child. Today, let’s get to know the strength of an electric beauty bed.


Whether it is beauty, physiotherapy or treatment, in the style design of space, a beautiful and designed beauty bed can add a lot of value, which not only improves the taste of the style in the shop, but also is quite practical. As an electric beauty bed supplier, we provide beauty bed which is made in accordance with the latest European and American design styles, which are very intelligent, stable, multi-purpose and mute, which can create a more comfortable physiotherapy experience for you.


The design of the beauty bed caters to the current upgraded consumer experience, consumers just need to lie on the beauty bed, other posture changes can be done through the automatic remote control. Oral examination, meticulous, massage physiotherapy, cosmetic SPA, warm acupuncture, body tattoos, all physiotherapy needs from head to foot can be done in this bed. Some beauty beds use four-independent adjustment, with wired remote control, intelligent curve adjustment, automatic control of rise and fall / tilt, a variety of tilt angles can be freely selected. If you want your legs to be higher or lower your waist, just control the remote. Some beauty beds use 250KG’s load-bearing design, and people with different builds can easily adjust any position you want. According to the principle of ergonomics, the beauty bed is suitable for a variety of lying posture, to meet the needs of multi-scene use, including neck, back, buttocks, legs, so you can find the most suitable bending angle. At the same time, it can also make the back get substantial and reliable support, the waist should not be suspended and sore, shoulders and legs can be fully relaxed, so that consumers in the process of physiotherapy, all the body and soul in the most appropriate posture. What’s more, the beauty bed adopts stainless steel chair frame, medical skin-friendly leather and shaped sponge, 6cm thickness cushion, not only permeable, durable and non-collapse, but also powerful to support the weight of all parts of the body.


The thickened carbon steel frame of the beauty bed is robot welding like the stainless steel chair frame, the stronger bottom frame gives you more powerful load bearing ability, the high density springback sponge, thickened PU leather, which is not only soft, fit, easy to clean, but also waterproof and antifouling.