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  • IPL OPT E-Light series DR-039
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IPL OPT E-Light series DR-039


  • Model: DR-039

Product DETAIL


IPL OPT E-Light series DR-039 05Laser head
IPL OPT E-Light series DR-039 06Remove hair head
IPL OPT E-Light series DR-039 07Skin lifting head

Major Function

1. Remove hair.

2. lifting face.

Product Effect

Perfect OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology) core technology uses three-dimensional technology concept: energy + pulse width + pulse waveform. OPT is a word which may be unfamiliar to most people. As a matter of fact, the core of OPT is to precisely control each pulse and energy of each pulse can effect on our skin without attenuation. It is the reason why perfect pulse energy can be formed, and the technique drawback that high energy peak of E light and the first pulse of IPL as well as sub-pulse energy attenuation can be eliminated. Therefore, curative effect of OPT is significantly improved, especially in freckle removal, hair removal and skin rejuvenation. It can make the skin better and shrink pore, and so it is a true skin rejuvenation technology. What's more, safety of treatment is significantly improved side effects of IPL treatment such as skin burn can be avoided. Pulse energy output is stable and even during the whole course. Its software is intelligent. It has three major functions such as pulsed light rejuvenation, pigmented lesions treatment and vascular therapy, and so one time of OPT treatment is equal to 2-3 times of conventional treatment. Safety and effectiveness of treatment is significantly improved through sapphire cooling technology, which is a breakthrough of IPL technology through four generations. OPT square wave technology is the perfectly controllable intense pulsed light technology, which is the latest generation of pulse technology.

Advantage of OPT

If E light skin rejuvenation technology which is used in the past uses intense pulsed light (IPL), OPT light is the IPL uses OPT cutting-edge technology, which is the fourth generation of photon technology. Since output mode of the healing light is changed, IPL is completely changed. It is a leap in the development of intense pulsed light, because the curative effect and the safety are significantly improved.

Compared with conventional photon technology, it has the following advantages:
Safety -- part of the energy peak in the start section of pulse is eliminated.
Effectiveness -- avoid attenuation of energy at the tail end of the pulse.
Reproducibility -- uniform "square wave" equably distributes, which has good treatment repeatability.

Comparing to conventional method, its curative effect on chromatosis is obviously better. In early stage, IPL has problems like energy peak and attenuation and energy peak will easily cause burn and chromatosis to skin. In addition, the damped energy is lower than the set value, through which is difficult to achieve therapeutic effect. However, OPT is able to output stable square wave, which completely resolve the series of problem of unstable energy. Comparing to conventional IPL technology, OPT technology has significant effect, less side effect, shortened treatment course and low recurrence rat and is safer and more comfortable.

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