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  • 3 In 1 Beauty Equipment B-9906

3 In 1 Beauty Equipment B-9906


  • G.W.: 7kgs
    N.W.: 6kgs
    Packing Size: 60x39.5x22cm
    1.Diamond micro-dermabrasion
    2.Cold & hot hammer 3.Ultrasonic

Product DETAIL


Diamond dermabrasion function

Get rid of aging skin, improve skin texture and whiten the skin, heal scars and skin irregularities; accelerate blood circulation and cure coarse pores;

Supersonic wave function

It can make the nutrients to quickly penetrate the skin deep to accelerate the excretion of waste and improve the body metabolism; activate the skin deep cells, accelerate the integration and arrangement of cells; and heal the black eyes, under-eye puffiness and accelerate regeneration of fibrous tissue


Cold hammer function

Cool and shrink the skin in short time through rapid freezing mechanism of super low temperature to stimulate the toughness of collagen fiber, and rapidly shrink coarse pores, it has the functions of antihypersensitivity and it can eliminate red and swollen.

Technical parameters

1. Working voltage: As label on the machine

2. Machine power: 40W

3. Working frequency: 50/60 Hz