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Spare Part Series

Radium Beauty & Hairdressing Equipment Shampoo Chair Manufacturer is a specialised producer,which has more than 20 years experience in spare part series.We developed many new products for customers and produce many famous company Spare Part Series.


Shampoo chair is one of the common furniture in barber shop or beauty salon, which is one of the necessary cosmetic equipment for customer sitting shampoo. So what’s an ideal shampoo chair for you? RADIUM Beauty & Hairdressing Equipment Manufacturer is a professional shampoo chair manufacturer with almost thirty years’ experience, it’s our honor for us to share you some knowledge about shampoo chair first.
In the salon, the distance between each shampoo chair should be more than 1.5 meters. The specification of shampoo chair spacing is the first time in China to issue national standards on the professional conditions and management requirements of beauty and hairdressing industry. It involves beauty salon, hairdressing hall, beauty center, nail salon, comprehensive beauty salon and other business organizations. The service area of each beauty bed should be more than 3 square meters and the bed distance should be more than 1 meter. The service area of each shampoo chair should be more than 2.5 square meters, and the distance between shampoo chairs should be more than 1.5 meters.


So how to choose the beautiful hair chair in the process of hair salon decoration? As a professional shampoo chair manufacturer, the following are highly recommended.


1, when in a shampoo chair, both feet are placed on the ground, or on the foot of the shampoo chair, the chair has the function of raising and rotating, mainly to facilitate the hairdresser’s haircut operation. But there is also a size ratio, for example, normally when our feet on the ground, cushions off the ground 50cm is the most comfortable. If the styling design for guests, hairdressing chairs can be properly raised by 10 cm 15 cm, that is, the highest hairdressing chair surface height can be raised to about 65cm. The conventional hydraulic pressure also has the function of lifting, but the high grade of the matching hairdressing mirror cannot exceed 85cm, usually the table with 80cm height is the most reasonable.

2, the cushion and backrest fabric of the chair are usually made of imitation leather fabric, the inner filling material is sponge, and the whole frame package adopts multi-layer plate and metal frame, etc. The handrail of beauty instrument usually has PU material, imitation skin sponge board structure, metal material and so on.

3, the choice of the shampoo chair should be consistent with the shop decoration style. For example, if the store adopts European decoration, then it is suggested that the style of the chair should be consistent with the style of store decoration. If the store is simple decoration, then you can also choose a simple shampoo chair.

4, when purchasing, you must see if the chair frame is strong. Generally speaking, it is easier for us to distinguish, for example, shake the whole hairdressing chair around and before and after with both hands, if you feel better, then the quality of the chair is better.

5, it is best to choose the shampoo chair with foam sponge, and it is better to use a high elastic foam sponge with a density of more than 25 kg / m.

6, when sitting down, the shampoo chair cushion is best with a depression of about 10 centimeters. Any other requirements you want to inquire, please kindly let us know, because as an experienced shampoo chair manufacturer, we can recommend you the one perfectly fitting your shop.