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beauty bed manufacturers

Radium beauty bed manufacturers’s products has been sold to all the world, no limit. No matter you were trade company, brand owner, dealer or resellers, or beauty parlor, we can start a business.

  • electronic beauty bed WB-6678

    electronic beauty bed WB-6678More >


    • Product Size: 201x96x57/89cm
    • Min Height: 57 cm
    • Max Height: 89 cm
    • Back Angle: -25°~ 75°
    • Foot Angle (up and down):0°~ 25°
    • Packing Size: 207x80x61cm
    • N.W./G.W.  78kgs / 93kgs

  • electronic beauty bed WB-6679

    electronic beauty bed WB-6679More >


    • Product Size: 188×82×60/80cm
    • Min Height: 60 cm
    • Max Height: 80 cm
    • Back Angle: 50°~ 90°
    • Foot Angle(up and down):0°~ -90°
    • Packing Size:163×64×65cm
    • N.W./G.W.  68kgs / 90kgs