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Beauty Equipment Radium Ultrasound Machine

Radium ultrasound machine is a cosmetological device designed for professional work in a beauty salon or facial room.

beauty equipment radium ultrasound machine

The ultrasound therapy enables to inject active pharmaceutical and cosmetic products into superficial layer of the skin with the aid of ultrasonic wave. The phonophoresis provides the warm-up, deep micro-massage on the cellular level, nutrition  the tissues with oxygen, improves elasticity, accelerates local blood flow and immunological responses.


Effects of the ultrasound therapy procedures:

deep non-invasive injection of cosmetic serums

skin elasticity and skin tightness improvement

lifting and micromassage

improvement of local blood flow

lymphatic drainage – removal of edemas

scars effacement

reduction of couperosis manifestations

reduction of cellulite manifestations

elimination of excessive

Benefits of Ultrasound machine

Powerful ultrasound penetration

2 handpieces for fave and body

1,1MHz frequency

convinient control panel

Portable size- easy to transport