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facial steamer manufacturers

Radium facial steamer manufacturers covers a total area of 20,000 square meters, more than 300 employees and workers.

  • Black pearl facial steamer F-900C

    Black pearl facial steamer F-900CMore >

    1) New appearance, stainless steel setting base, built-in ultraviolet strip lamp, threaded water cup setting and flush bonding airproof ring design, avoid water and gas leakage greatly.

  • Facial steamer with magnifying lamp F-900E

    Facial steamer with magnifying lamp F-900EMore >

    1-      Dip distilled water into water glass through water mouth but don’t over the water upper mark line always.
    2-      Press ON/OFF then the power indicator lights, and the machine is ready for work.
    3-      Press ozone button then the ozone indicator lights, ozone function is ready for work.
    4-      When the water in the water glass is under the water low mark line, and the machine will cut off the power automatic, after water 5 minutes later, the machine can continue work.
    5-      Machine should be put a suitable place where the vapor steam can freely blow from client’s chin to each part of face.