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hair removal machine suppliers

Radium hair removal machine suppliers always provide complete sales service more than 15 years experience in this field, we are also an OEM & ODM factory.

  • Tattoo and Hair Removal DR-010

    Tattoo and Hair Removal DR-010More >


    • Model: DR-010

  • Skin Hair Analyzer B-326C

    Skin Hair Analyzer B-326CMore >

    Carries the best certificates for North America and Europe
    With separate function switches, you can run the sterilizer or the heat function individually or both at the same time
    A combination of towel warmer and UV sterilizer, can warm and sterilize the towels at the same time
    The bulb will shut off automatically when the cabinet door is opened

  • Non-Drive Usb Skin Hair Analyzer B-326CUSB

    Non-Drive Usb Skin Hair Analyzer B-326CUSBMore >

    Teh bulb is readily accessible and of  a standard size for easy replacement
    The attractive design of this towel warmer and UV sterilizer features a cabinet with a composite door and integrated handle with magnetic latch
    For maximum efficiency ; the door is double-sealed to minimize heat loss