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How to use High Frequency Beauty Equipment?

high frequency beauty equipment

1. High-Frequency

1. Function:

1. Use special Ultraviolet rays intensity to treat the skin that sterilize the skin and accelerate wound healing.

2. To get rid of spots, pigmentation, pimples and acne.


2. Instruction Procedure:

1. Insert the Ozone electrode into the handle and keep touch well.

2. Connect the plug to the power outlet then turn on the machine.

3. Turn the button of energy lever to choose appropriate level according to skin conditions and type then begin to operate.

4. After over the operation, turn the button of energy lever to “O” mark and turn off power, pull out the electrode and clean well and dry storage.


3. Caution:

1. Take off all metal decorations (earrings, necklace etc.) before operation.

2. During the operation, not to stay too long time in a treated area to avoid scars.

3. After over the operation, used electrodes should be cleaned and dry storage.


2. Vacuum & Spray

1. Function:

1. To thoroughly get rid of all dirt, impurities fat from the deep pores of the skin.

2. To make the suction/spray medicine water to spray as mist to nourish and calm skin.


2. Instruction Procedure:

1. Connect small suction glass tube to the suction/spray hose, put the hose to the suction port of machine, press the small hole on the small glass tube, then machine is ready for suction operation.

2. Connect spray bottles to the suction/spray hose, put the hose to the spray port of machine, press the small hole on spray bottle then the machine is ready for spray like mist.


3. Caution:

1. There are three types of glasses of which should be used separately according to any specific parts of the body.

2. After over the operation, used glass tubes should be cleaned and sterilized and dry storage.


3. Remove Spot

1. Function

Remove spot & tattoo


2. Instruction Procedure

1. Insert the pin into the handle.

2. Clean the treat area with alcohol then spread it with anesthetic 3 minutes.

3. Turn on the machine and ready for operation.

4. When operating, care the currency lever and adjust a proper energy lever to avoid hurt.


Spot: special care to test and analysis spot’s conditions, some spots on the surface of skin but some spots in the deep under skin issue. If spot small, might remove it one time, if spot big and pigments deposits deep, should remove it 2-3 times.  Don’t cut through and break the spot’s surface one time, should burn and remove with small frame way. To spot in the deep under skin, should spread proper cell cream on it before the wounded cure well 2~3 days, to avoid inflammation or skin hollow happen. When spread the cream, if the wounded inflame, don’t spread it.


Caruncle: gently touch the end with pin and kill the caruncle cell, later about 6-7 days, the caruncle drops. If the caruncle is too big, should remove it several times and not finish it in one time to avoid the wounded covers bad.



Tattoo: ordinary tattoo area is big, should choose #3 big bin and treat several times, remind not finish treatment. Otherwise, the wounded area is very easy to be inflamed, if happen, should take the sick to hospital to treat soon.


3. Caution

1. The pin should be sterilized before use.

2. Beautician should keep the handle balance not shake to avoid burning the wounded



4. Beautify the Breasts

1. Function

To exercise the breast to get the best conditions.


2. Caution

1. To make sure the appropriate level on client’s body.

2. If feeling uncomfortable, stop use and re-adjust the level.

3. Turn off the level before power off.



1. Put glass tube into the suction tube.

2. Spray treatment product into the soft tube to make it like steam.

3. Connect the breasts cup to the dark tube to the PATTER area.  Set the volume to the fastest level and test it.  Put the cup to the client’s breast to see whether it is acceptable.  Test it after 5-10 minutes and ask the client whether she can accept the level, if yes, stay there for about 30 minutes and extend the time if necessary.