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shampoo chair manufacturer

Radium shampoo chair manufacturer always provide complete sales service more than 15 years experience in this field, we are also an OEM & ODM factory, produce as customer’s request. We believe that IMPROVEMENT helps both of us to win the market.

  • Wash basin for shampoo chair WP-031

    Wash basin for shampoo chair WP-031More >

    1. Fashion, strong and stylish.
    2. easy to clean and with thick seat cushion.
    3. with spray head/faucet/hose/drain and all water accessories.
    4. color of leather/base/sink are optional.

  • Tattoo and Hair Removal DR-010

    Tattoo and Hair Removal DR-010More >

    Major Function
    1. Remove fatness.
    2. Slimming.
    3. Acupoint massage.
    Product Effect
    Body Shaping System, has 10 paths pulse ports which can connect 20 pieces of electrode pad to different areas of body, with 6 unique function key and 12 groups set computer programs inside. No matter reduce fatness, slimming, exercise breast, the beauticians now can operate it free to meet the customers different demands. If to the customer with special demands, beauticians also can set the computer programs over 100 types by own to operate those special demands.