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slimming machines suppliers

Radium slimming machines suppliers specializes in Beauty Equipment, Salon Furniture, Hairdressing Instrument and SPA series products, our product are selling all over the world especially Eu and USA market with high quality & reasonable price.

  • Diode Lipo Slimming Machine JK-909

    Diode Lipo Slimming Machine JK-909More >

    Utilizing the power of 40nw-100mw the most suitable to physical fat reduction, the 635nm diode laser deep blasts excess fat and melted. This technology is the new and popular hi-tech for cellulite reduction.

  • WS-5018A Royal Photon Slimming Crystal Spaceship

    WS-5018A Royal Photon Slimming Crystal SpaceshipMore >

    Then how does the Queen Optical Shaping Crystal Capsule bring you to the land of health and beauty?
    As a matter of fact, human beings boast inherent vigor, just like the powerful root-system of trees, deeply rooted under-earth and nurturing and leaves and branches spreading in sun. As long as we can evoke this potential vigor, we open the door to healthy and natural life.