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  • Cavitation Slimming Machine B-8801
  • Cavitation Slimming Machine B-8801 02
  • Cavitation Slimming Machine B-8801 03
  • Cavitation Slimming Machine B-8801 04
  • Cavitation Slimming Machine B-8801
  • Cavitation Slimming Machine B-8801
  • Cavitation Slimming Machine B-8801

Cavitation Slimming Machine B-8801


  • Major Function:
  • ①.Tripolar RF ②.Four Pole RF ③.Six Pole RF
  • ④.RF With Negative Pressure ⑤.Cavitation 40Khz
  • G.W.: 8.2kgs  N.W.: 7.8kgs
  • Packing Size:47x45x22cm

Product DETAIL


Cavitation Slimming Machine B-8801 05
Cavitation Slimming Machine B-8801 06
Cavitation Slimming Machine B-8801 07

Major Function

① Tripolar RF

② Four Pole RF

③ Six Pole RF

④ RF With Negative Pressure

⑤ Cavitation 40Khz


Product effect

The role of RF beauty instrument is the use of RF radio waves directly penetrate the skin, the use of skin formation of the impedance of the RF wave can also make the cell molecules produce a strong resonance rotation (million times the order of magnitude per second) to generate heat to achieve collagen tissue heatingAnd the purpose of fat cell heating, making the skin at the bottom of the temperature instantly increased, the use of dermal layer of stimulation will produce immediate collagen tightening and stimulate the principle of collagen regeneration, with firming and wrinkle to improve the effect ofAfter 2 to 6 months of treatment, collagen will gradually proliferate and reorganize, allowing the sagging or slackening of the skin to enhance tightening, in many ways completely beyond and replace the laser, IPL (IPL, photon).RF technology in filling wrinkles, eliminating scars, restoring skin elasticity and luster, dissolving fat, slimming, etc.


Cavitation use of aggregation of strong sound waves emitted by the frequency of 40kHZ strong sound waves, speed vibration of fat cells, strong impact on fat cells, Strengthen the role of cells, enhance blood and lymph circulation, active metabolism, eliminate and soften honeycomb tissue, to achieve weight loss and control obesity purposes.


What is Cavitation?
Cavitation slimming machine is good effect for slimming. Cavitation is a relatively new aesthetic treatment. Cavitation is a body sculpting treatment with no anesthesia, no scars, no discomfort, no down-time and presents a risk-free alternative to liposuction. The result is instant loss of fat cells. Using leading edge technology it converts fat cells into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body's own natural filtration system. When the treatment of ultrasound cavitation is followed by lymphatic drainage the process is faster, as the drainage is very effective at eliminating liquids. Generally one fat cavitation treatment lasts 35-40 minutes where a single part of the body is treated. 72 hours must pass between each session so that the body can eliminate the fat. The minimum suggested number of fat cavitation sessions is between 6 and 10.


How Does Cavitation Work?
A fully trained therapist will apply a specially designed hand piece to your skin. The hand piece will then transmit low level ultrasonic waves which consist of compression-expansion impulses that travel in high-speed cycles. This back and forth cycle then causes an infinite quantity of micro-cavities or micro-bubbles that gradually enlarge. This progressive enlargement finishes as micro-bubbles start to collide and implode, producing shock waves that favour emulsification and elimination of fat tissues (this phenomena is called "cavitation"). The liquid is then easily vacuumed out from the body using the lymphatic and urinary system.


Is Cavitation Painful?

No, cavitation is a painless treatment. Mild redness may appear occasionally but will be highly unlikely to cause any actual pain. The heat from the hand pieces felt during the treatment is perfectly tolerable.

Is Cavitation a Safe Treatment?

Yes, it is a nonsurgical procedure without anaesthesia, it is non-invasive (no cutting, leaves no scars or the need for any post-operation course) and no downtime should be experienced after the treatment.


What Happens to the Released Fat?
After disruption of adipose cells, the fat in the form of triglycerides is released into the interstitial fluid between the cells, where they are enzymatically metabolised to glycerol and free fatty acids. Water soluable glycerol is absorbed by the circulatory system and used as the energy source, whereas the insoluable free fatty acids are transported to the liver and processed as fatty acids from food.


What Will I Feel During the Instant Fat Loss Treatments?

The treatment does not require anaesthesia. Most of the clients consider the procedure painless and comfortable. There may be, however, a slight discomfort due to the specific noise spreading inside your body, but it poses no harm and disappears as soon as you are not in contact with the applicator.

Can I Expect Any Side Effects?

There is a slight possibility of mild side effects such as transient redness, excessive thirst, and nausea immediately after the treatment which always resolves by drinking water. They are all short-term effects that disappear in a few hours to a few days. Even though the studies have proven the treatment safe, the cavitation is not be used in clients with an acute illness, comprised liver function, severe bleeding tendencies, pace makers, or during pregnancy.

What Are the Expected Instant Fat Loss Treatment Results?

The cavitation treatment yields immediate and longlasting results. Most of the clients experience 2 to 10 cm of circumference reduction after a single session with increasing results after each visit. The results may vary with different tissue structure, treatment area, age, metabolism, medications, and changes in hormones. Proper diet and increased physical activity will certainly improve and help to maintain the results.


Cavitation slimming machine is newest and most popular way for slimming now. If you want to buy cavitation slimming machine, please send email to:  We are manufacturer in China, we can give best price to you.



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