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  • Salon Furniture Barber Chair WB-3857

Salon Furniture Barber Chair WB-3857


  • Gross weight:27.5kgs
  • Net weight:24.5kgs
  • Packing:64*64*68cm

Product DETAIL


Product description
  1.Synthetic leather, durable and long lasting.
  2.With molded foam cushion, it's hard to change the shape and  soft.
  3.The chrome round base, anti-abrasion, anti aging performance and strong.
  4.High quality of the big hydraulic pump
  5.Firm  armrest , decorated with synthetic leather
  6.High quality and extraordinary design that can be trustworthy.
  7.Humanization design of the thickened sponge backrest ,professional skill to make your back feel more comfortable.
  8. Fine capability.
  9. Suitable for a variety of salon shop style.
  10.Various colors are optional