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  • beauty bed WB-3356

beauty bed WB-3356


  • Gross Weight: 70 kgs.
  • Net Weight: 60 kgs.
  • Packing size: 100x81x48cm  116x45x65cm
  • Product size: 188x85x62-82cm
  • Major Function:
  • 1. The base is made of glass fiber.
  • 2. The backrest can be up and down by gaslever.
  • 3. The footrest part can be up and down by gaslever.
  • 4. There is pillow hole for massage function.

Product DETAIL


Product description
The Beauty chair is both extremely comfortable and stylish –For Beauty salon use!
The beauty chair is a very stable and economical. The base is made of glass fiber, very stable. Color options are available in Black,White, Brown and Red. For more color options, please contact our sales representative.
WARRANTY: One year