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  • Paraffin Wax Collection - Softens Cuticles
    SOFTENS, INVIGORATES, AND HEALS: The wear and tear of daily life has often overlooked detrimental effects on your skin. Things like general use, stress, tension, and lack of moisturizing leaves your skin cracked, dry, and sore. Our Botanical Blend Paraffin Wax is the ideal solution for softening, healing, and invigorating skin on your most used extremities. Its also great for soothing stiff joints and muscles, including people with arthritis and similar ailments.
  • GREAT FOR HANDS AND FEET: Your hands and feet are the most commonly used and worn parts of your body, and often the most ignored when it comes to rejuvenation and repair. The WD-8509 Paraffin Wax Botanical Blend is specifically designed to soften and aid even the most worn, callused, and cracked extremities.
  • PLEASANT AROMA: Its important to heal both body and mind. Our Paraffin Wax is blended to produce a pleasant mango aroma that relaxes and soothes your mind while relieving stress and tension. Our Botanical Blend Paraffin Wax makes bodily care a pleasant and calming experience.
  • CAN BE USED ON ANY BODY PART: Paraffin Wax is designed to repair issues in extremities like hands and feet, it can still be used on other parts of your body. Our Paraffin Wax can be used to gently peel away problematic layers of skin while preventing future dry skin and joint pain.