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  • Intensive ultrasonic slimming equipment S-815

Intensive ultrasonic slimming equipment S-815


  • Gross Weight: 22.4kgs
  • Net Weight: 18.4kgs
  • Packing Size:116x59x54cm


Product DETAIL


Ultrasonic cellulite removal, lymphatic toxin discharge,skinwhiten and tighten. Combining the most advanced radiofrequency technology and high BIO energy, reach deeply anddirectly to the cellulite,it perform well especially on thebodies after pregnancy.

Obesity means obvious overweight or overly thick layer of fat, it is a status caused by excessively accumulated internal body fat, especially triglyceride.
Obesity can be categorized into simple obesity and secondary obesity. The common types of obesity we see every day are mostly of the first category, the percentage of simple obesity in total obesity is as high as 99%. There is so far no identified cause for simple obesity. Medically they can also be referred to as primary obesity, which might be linked to genetics, diet habit and exercise habit.
The so-called secondary obesity is a state of obesity caused by other health problems, that means secondary obesity do have identifiable causes. Secondary obesity takes up 1% of total obesity. Based on their causes, secondary obesity can also be categorized into hypothalamus obesity, hypophysis obesity, thyroid gland hypo-function obesity,obesitycaused by Cushing’s syndrome, and gonad hypo-function obesity; they are respectively caused by hypothalamus, hypophysis, thyroid gland, adrenal gland and gonad diseases. Among them, obesity caused by Cushing’s syndrome and thyroid gland hypo-function is more common in adults. For children, hypothalamus obesity caused by craniopharyngioma is more common.
1、 Powerful fat blasting to remove fat
Using sonic wave of 40000Hz frequency generated by probe that concentrates strengthened sonic waves; after entering the human body, the wave would generate intensive hitting effect in the fat cells, as well as friction movements among fat cells, which effectively burns up energy, consume moisture in cells, and shrink the fat cells. Meanwhile, the sonic wave vibration would cause intensive impact among cells, which would explode instantly, reducing the number of fat cells and achieve the effect of removing fat.
2、 Dissolve fat, lymphatic toxin discharge, skin tightening and increase skin elasticity
Combining the most advanced radio wave technology and energy radio waves, the effect reach deep directly to the fat bodies, and perform well in target positioning radio wave output, so that the fat cell tissue will enter a state of rapid activities, during which the cell bodies will generate friction thermal energy, which causes local temperature to rise, and discharge extra fat and toxin in the human body through the sweat gland, hepatoenteral circulation, and lymph, therefore achieving the effect of dissolving fat.
3、 Improve orange peel tissue, body slimming and shaping
The equipment’s energy electrode will generate bio-waves which will stimulate corresponding acupuncture points of the human body. By using various frequency and impulses and the interactions of various physical electronics, the treatment effectively stimulate the fat bodies, let the body go into movement, thus further consume energy and fat, and achieve the effect of body shaping and beautification.

Accessories List



Power Cord


Accessory Rack (left)


Accessory Rack (right)


Sonic Wave Fat Dissolver


Radio Wave Fat Dissolver


Directional Fat Blaster


Elastic Band (long)


Elastic Band (short)



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