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  • Volt:220V
  • Power:500W 50Hz.   
  • G.W.:90kg   
  • Size:136*71*42 70.5*49*125 (cm)

Product DETAIL

  • Part II Functions & Operation
    1. Choose the cold/hot water by rotating Water Valve Switch to left/right part, and adjust the water strength by rotating the switch to left/right.
    2. To enjoy the wave, please kindly turn on the Wave ON/OFF Switch when the water level 2cm above the wave nozzles on the sides, and the color light will be on at the same time.
    3. Choose the wave strength by adjusting the Wave Regulating Switch.
    4. The Water Outlet in the bottom will be opened automatically when the water over the Outlet
    Switch, or you can rotate the Outlet Switch to open the Water Outlet and release the water.
    5. The Water Return helps on the water cycle among the Wave Nozzles.
    6. Kindly lift up the Water Valve Switch to stop the Water Inlet inside the basin and start the Shower. Pull down the Water Valve Switch to stop the Shower and start the Water Inlet.
    7. After use, please press the Wave ON/OFF Switch to stop the wave first, and then rotate the Outlet Switch to release the water. You can also rotate the Water Valve Switch to let the water in anddo the cleaning.
    8. The Footrest is for client to lie his feet on it when doing massage.
    9. The seat can be adjusted by using the controller.
    10. The backrest provides the massage function for belly, back and neck part, and the seat is with vibration part. The massage and vibration part can be operated by the controller.
    11. The Mini Tables on both hand rests is for client to put drink or small objects on them. Lift the table up if needed, and pull it down if not needed.
     Attention: Please DO NOT power on the machine if no water inside the basin, otherwise part of the machine will be broken!