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  • Main Function
  • 1. Absorb Black Acne
  • 2. High-Frequency Electrotherapy
  • 3. Facial Brush
  • 4. Spray
  • 5. Ultrasonic
  • 6. Facial Steam with Herb
  • 7. Wood Lamp
  • 8. Magnifying Lamp
  • 9. Remove Spot

Product DETAIL


Vacuum & Spray

Vacuum & Spray function helps to get rid of all dirt and impure fat from the deep pores of the skin thoroughly. Use the spray bottle to spray the toning lotion as mist to nourish and calm skin.
High-Frequency Electrotherapy

Use special Ultraviolet rays to treat the skin that sterilize the skin and accelerate wound healing. It helps to get rid of spots, pigmentation, pimples and acne.
Brush Skin

It helps to clean face, brush skin, massage and can improve the quality of the skin with wrinkle and acne.
Remove spot

 Spot - Special care to test and analysis spot’s conditions, some spots on the surface of skin but some spots in the deep under skin issue. If spot small, might remove it one time, if spot big and pigments deposits deep, should remove it 2-3 times.  Don’t cut through and break the spot’s surface one time, should burn and remove with small frame way. To spot in the deep under skin, should spread proper cell cream on it before the wounded cure well 2~3 days, to avoid inflammation or skin hollow happen. When spread the cream, if the wounded inflame, don’t spread it.
 Caruncle - Gently touch the end with pin and kill the caruncle cell, later about 6-7 days, the caruncle drops. If the caruncle is big, should remove it several times and not finish it in one time to avoid the wounded covers bad.
 Tattoo - Ordinary tattoo section is big, should treat several times, and remind not finish treatment. Otherwise, the wounded section is very easy to be inflamed, if happen, should take the sick to hospital to treat soon.

Ultrasonic Beauty
The effects:
1. Soften the thrombus and remove red-face.
Use ultrasonic pulses treatment apply with proper cream, it can improve the quality of deformed blood vessels and remove the red-face.
2. Remove scar after acne healed
The ultrasonic can permeate into skin; it can strengthen the blood circulation and metabolism, it helps to remove the scar away faster after acne healed. It’s better to apply with acne cream, make it every two days, and 10 times for a course of treatment.
3. Eliminate abnormal skin pigment.
To use ultrasonic with removing spot cream or vitamin C, it helps to remove the colorblind. 10 times as a course of treatment, normally after 3~4 courses can remove colorblind.
4. Lift skin to remove wrinkle.
5. Remove eye pouch and black eye.
To massage with ultrasonic head, it can remove too much of water and fat, remove eye pouch and black eye. Please use the small ultrasonic head to operate along the skin’s texture. Every time 5 minutes for each eye, be gentle.
6. Meliorate skin conditions.

Wood Lamp
It can test and analyze the skin conditions and various different changes on the surface of skin in time, make the beauticians to have a rapid and correct decision and opinion to maintain and treat the trouble skin, make skin smooth and bright and be rich of elasticity.

Magnifying Lamp

To test and analyze the skin conditions through magnifying lamp with Ozone, can test various different changes on the surface of skin in time, to choose suitable treatment of the skin.
Packing Size: 103*68*42cm