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  • Stand Multifuction Beauty Machine F-999F

Stand Multifuction Beauty Machine F-999F


  • Model: F-999F
  • I.F-999F skin beauty instrument uses the ultra-thin body, new design, flexible spray arm, cup which can resist the high temperature and is not broken, setting of working time of heating tube by the computer chip, and UV lamp switch to turn on and turn off the UV lamp; The new skin beauty machine integrated many functions is a major breakthrough for the traditional skin beauty machine.
  • II.Because the ionized vapor contain the rich active gas to prompt the blood circulation, replenish the water in the cells, and have a good effect to clean the skin, kill the skill bacteria and moisten the skin.
  • III.With the appropriate drugs, it has the positive effect for treatment of acne and black spots, telangiectasis, skin inflammation, as well as bleaching and nutrition of skin.
  • IV.Use the latest super-strong, high temperature-resistant and impact-resistant shatterproof cup without odor, smell and toxicity.
  • V.Use the unique and new essential oil tank design program to improve the indoor air with the essential oil with different effects.

Product DETAIL

Functional principle

1.Soften the dead cells on the skin surface to clean in the subsequent care;
2.Make the pores open to be easy to clean thoroughly;
3.The mist can seep into the pres to soften the accumulated grease, blackhead, cosmetic residues in the pores to remove these substances;
4.The mist can help the pores excrete the toxins;
5.The mist can soften the wrinkles temporarily;
6.Promote the blood circulation, supplement the water in the cells, and improve the cell metabolism and auto repair function.
7.With the proper Chinese herbal medicine, it has the positive effect for the treatment of acne, dark spots and bleaching and nourishing the skin.