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  • Gross Weight:5.4kgs
  • Net Weight:4.6kgs
  • Packing Size: 44x29x31cm

Product DETAIL


This unit is specially engineered for the sterilization of electrodes, and all other accessories used by the esthetician.D-395 Sanitizing Box can fulfill this job with the help of inbuilt UV light tube, within short distance without turnover, together with the UV reflection on both sides & the shining bottom. There will be no high temperature during the process. This product is suitable for hair beauty instruments and small articles such as glass, metal vessel, plastic instrument,etc. It is also used for storage of articles which have been cleared.15 minutes of irradiation in the box can it kill over 99.9% bacterium.Construction: sanitizer+partition mesh.
Using mether:
1.Insert the plug to the power supply which match the sterilizer's electric voltage.
2.Put into sterilizer the tools which need disinfection process.Close the revolving door perfectly.
3.Switch on the power button to start working.
4.Don't stare at the light tube during its working time.
5.Keep far away from children's touch.
6.Pull out the plug when it is not using
The specification of this product is subjected to modification without any notice.If necessory,please log in our website for further information.If you have any question or opinion,please contact us directly.

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