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Product DETAIL


1. Automatic temperature, automatic power off
2. aluminum inner pot
3. with quartzite
4. heat-up time about 12-18 mins

Product Description:
a)ideally used for beauty tools sterilization/sanitation for beauty salon&spa,hair dressing and medical treatment.
b)durable and beautiful stainless steel shell for long term usage.
c)adjustable temperature control from 0-250℃ and fully automatic electric heating system and over-heating protection system.
d)Real time temperature will be displayed in the screen.
e)Glass beads help the tools diffuse heat and keep hot to make the tools being sterilized.

How to use:
1. Put the tool sterilizer in a stable surface.
2. Open the lid, pour quartzite into the pot; quartzite can not be too much(not beyond 80%of the inside capacity).
3. Connect the power,and turn on the switch ,the light turn red and the product begin to heat at the same time.   
4. After 12- 18 min heater, insert the tools(scissors, razors, nail cutter, etc) into quartz sand vertically.
5. Wait for 20--30 seconds, put on the adiabatic gloves and take out the sterilized tools.
6. When the inside tank reach the setting temperature, the light will be automatically off and the sterilizer stop heating;
7. And the sterilizer will heat automatically when the temperature is lower than 135 degree, indicator light will turn on again.

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