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  • 4 In 1 Beauty Equipment B-9907

4 In 1 Beauty Equipment B-9907


  • G.W.: 7kgs
  • N.W.: 6kgs
  • Packing Size: 60x39.5x22cm
  • Function:
  • 1. Vacuum 2. Spray
  • 3. High-frequency 4. Ultrasonic

Product DETAIL




1.The functions of absorption and spraying are used to thoroughly remove redundant fat and dirt from the capillary pores.

II. Spraying:


1.The spraying function of astringent is used to spray astringent in mist, so that it can play the roles of nutrition and calming skins.

III. High-frequency Electrotherapy


1.Using special UV to conduct partial or spot irradiation, which has the effects of sterilization, and accelerating healing of wound on the skins.

2.Remove face flecks, whelks and treat the flecks.

Operation Methods:

1 Insert the handle into the output port of electrotherapy.

2.According to the operation requirements, select UV glass tube and insert it into the grip.

3. Click “Energy increase of electrotherapy” or “Energy decrease of electrotherapy” to adjust the output.

4.Click the button of “switch of electrotherapy” to start/pause the operation.

5.After use, reset the strength first, and then pull the UV glass tube out after turning off the power supply.

IV. Ultrasonic Wave

Overview for working principles of the ultrasonic wave cosmetic instrument

The technology of ultrasonic wave cosmetic instrument was introduced into cosmetic industry since 1980s, since then, it was widely concerned, used and promoted  for its advantages: Wide therapy range,  taking effects rapidly, high healing rate, and easy to operate, so that it becomes the most practical and  popular equipment among various cosmetic instruments. Its functions mainly include the following three aspects:

1.Mechanical function

The mechanical roles of ultrasonic wave include: Soften tissues, strengthen penetration, improve metabolism, improve blood circulation, stimulate nerve system and cells etc.

2.Warm function

Warm function of the ultrasonic wave refers to that it can cause the changes of blood functions and metabolism  process,  and it can improve blood circulation, reduce nerve excitement, plays analgesia roles, looses spasmodic muscle fibers, and it can also relieve the spasm。

Technical Parameters



Technical requirements




As label on the machine











Dimensions of the carton




3.  Chemical functions

The ultrasonic wave has the functions of strengthening catalysis and accelerating metabolism. It can change PH value toward alkalinity, which is in favor of drugs in penetrating into the thallus, to improve the ability of sterilization.

Operation methods:

1.Before use the ultrasonic cosmetic instrument, please use  proper facial cleaner to clean skins of the face first; 

2.After removing the facial cleaner, use the mist spraying instrument to  heat the face for 10 minutes;

3.Thoroughly remove blackheads and acnes from the face;

4.Using proper shrinkage water to flap various parts of the face slightly, and then slightly wipe off the shrinkage water;

5.Analyze nature of the skin, confirm the problems need to be treated, and then select proper unguent;

6.Coat the unguent selected evenly on the face;

8. Select proper probe and connect it to the output port.

9. Turn on the ultrasonic function, and click “energy increase of ultrasonic wave” or “energy decrease of ultrasonic wave” keys to control the output according to operating requirements.

10. Click the key of “mode selection of ultrasonic wave” to switch the wave forms among “continuous wave”(∞) or pulse wave (II) or saw-tooth wave (N);

11. Click “increase of working time” or “decrease of working time” to adjust the working time (in general, the value is set as 15minutes).

12. Click the “switch of ultrasonic wave” to start /pause the work.

13. Use the probe to massage on the skins coated with unguent.

14. After the ultrasonic operation being completed, turn off the power supply, and clean the probe;

15. If proper traditional Chinese medicine can be used for pour mask, the skin will be refreshed.