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  • Breast Instrument M-364B

Breast Instrument M-364B


  • 1: Supply voltage: AC220V   
  • 2: Supply frequency: 50/60Hz
  • 3: Power:     20W        
  • 4: Inside dimension: 33*17*43cm

Product DETAIL


Functions and principles
The special design vacuum pump rapidly increases size and shape of breasts, without pain and health risk caused by surgery. It is not a push-up or filled bra or silicon implantation, but allows you to own beautiful and natural breasts through female’s menstrual cycle.      
1. The vacuum pump renews and combines breast tissues         
2. In the first half of menstrual cycle (proliferative stage): hormone in the body naturally increases, and breast tissues and colloidal mass proliferate, so a large quantity of lipid materials are needed to fully meet requirements proliferation of breast tissues and colloidal mass.        
3. In the latter half of menstrual cycle (recovery stage), hormone in the body decreases, recovery volume of breast tissues shrinks and the breasts become small and soft. Then the vacuum pump can draw lipid and inherent liquid in the breasts furthest and keep fullness and firming of breasts.     
4. Through periodic virtuous circle, more nutrients absorption will be obtained by adipose tissues of breasts, blood circulation and lymph circulation will be unblocked and nutrients will be increased to firm breasts.        
5. Breast cream contains natural growth factors of pure plant essence (similar to female’s hormone) which are small molecules with efficient infiltration capacity. Efficient infiltration and absorption principle is adopted to adjust hormonal secretion system in the body and stimulate development of breast tissues and make them obtain nutrients, meanwhile, adipose tissues and adipose fat of breasts is promoted to expand breasts to most fullness and firming.