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  • Rf Beauty Machine b-8811

Rf Beauty Machine b-8811


  • Parament: 36V/200W/300KHz
  • Major Function:
  • ①.Tripolar RF ②.Multi Pole RF(Six Pole)
  • ③.Six Pieces Laser Pads


Product DETAIL


High frequency into the subcutaneous tissue through the electric wave, Heat generated by the movement of the natural resistance of the subcutaneous tissue,When the temperature reached sixty-eight to seventy-two degrees Celsius zero point,At the same time, the contraction of collagen production immediately,Dermis to stimulate the secrete more new collagen to fill shrinkage and loss of collagen vacancies,So once again hold the scaffold of the skin, restore skin elasticity。

When produce collagen, can make the thickness and density of the skin dermis increased, remove wrinkles, eliminate scars, restore skin elasticity and luster, make the skin look white tender

Studies have shown that, in the absence of the injured skin, cell division activity is very slow.Once the skin is damaged,The basal cells of the epidermis of the wound around 2mm are 40 times faster than usual。Cell division is extended from the basic level。Even a small scar is enough to stimulate the cell's acceleration。Two chemicals produced by skin cells have caused this reaction.:somatostatin and collagenase。

It is produced in the upper epidermis and prevents the division of primary cells。Cell death in the upper layer,The elements that prevent the division of the cells from the roots of the grass roots are gone, and the cells begin to split so that they can self repair.。As long as the skin can produce new collagenIn the formation of epidermis collagenase builds the immature collagen and regulate skin collagen;Wound producing collagenase。