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  • BIO endless energy alive cell scrubber B-809

BIO endless energy alive cell scrubber B-809


  • G.W.: 6.25kgs
  • N.W.: 5kgs
  • Packing Size:50x34x20cm
  • Function:
  • 1.Scrub Skin And Remove Crimple
  • 2.Special Slimming Face
  • 3.Raise Chest
  • 4.Raise Hip And Shorten Abdomen
  • 5.Whiten And Tender Skin
  • 6.Body Slimming

Product DETAIL


BIO it’s a kind of pure green therapy and happiness therapy combined with the unique meridian theory of Chinese medicine and modern high technology. It has no side effects and no pollution. It is the latest cosmetic method.

By bioelectrical current stroking facial muscles, skin, acupuncture points and meridians, accelerate facial blood circulation and metabolism, can make your face become rosy, shiny, because the bioelectricity has the effect of appeasing nerves, make people sleep safely.

Bioelectricity rearranges cellular molecules, changes disorderly and orderly, makes facial muscles compact, removes eye bags, and bioelectricity purifies blood and excludes acidosis in the blood, that is, fatty plaque, thereby contributing to freckle, Wrinkles eliminate dark circles, but also in the role of bio-electric field can be used in your past cosmetics left in your face of lead, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals, and high concentrations of acid and other harmful substances, which is the law of electric field. Under the action of the bioelectric field, the bio-charge must be directed to move to eliminate the harmful substances.