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  • 4 In 1 Beauty Equipment B-9911

4 In 1 Beauty Equipment B-9911


  • 1. Operating voltage :220-240V/110V
  • 2. Machine power :90W
  • 3. Operating frequency :50/60Hz
  • 4. Packing size: 57*36*20cm
  • 5. Gross weight: 8.8K
  • 6. Net weight: 7.8Kg

Product DETAIL


1. Diamond micro-carving function
Remove aged cutin, improve skin, beautify and soften skin and repair scar and concave-convex skin; speed up blood circulation and get rid of large pores;    
2. Ultrasonic wave function
Make nutrients rapidly penetrate in deep skin, speed up discharge wastes in the body and improve metabolism of human body; activate deep cells of skin and speed up integration and arrangement of cells; relieve black eyes, under-eye puffiness and speed up rebirth function of fibrous tissue;      
3. Cold and Hot hammer function
Through rapid ultralow temperature freezing mechanism, cool and firm the skin in a short time, stimulate toughness of collagen fiber, rapid shrink pores, with anti-allergy and faded red functions.     
4.  Skin Scrubber
Through ultrasonic vibration principle, shatter and remove dead skin cell on surface layer of skin effectively during nursing of skin surface; make new skin grow better. Your skin will become more clean and white after use.