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  • 5 in 1 Beauty Equnipment B-9912

5 in 1 Beauty Equnipment B-9912


  • 1. Working voltage : 220-240V / 110V
  • 2. Power of the machine:51 W
  • 3. Working frequency:50/60 Hz
  • 4. Packing dimensions:57*36*20cm
  • 5. Gross weight:9.3kg
  • 6. Net weight:7.8kg

Product DETAIL


Diamond Micro-Carving Function:
The product can be used to remove aged cutin, improve quality of the skin, remove scars from the skin and improve unevenness of the skin; the product can also accelerate blood circulation, and improve size of the pores;
The product can make the nutrients quickly penetrate into deep layer of the skin, to accelerate discharge of wastes from the body and improve metabolism; it can also activate cells in deep layer of the skin, accelerate integration arrangement of the cells; improve black eyes, pouch and accelerate rebirth functions of fiber tissues; 
Cold and Hot Hammer
The product adopts rapid ultra-low-temperature freezing mechanism; so that the skin can be calmed and shrunk in short time, to stimulate toughness of collagen fibers and rapidly shrink pores, it has the functions of anti-irritability and eliminating swelling.
Skin Scrubber
The product adopts ultrasonic-sound vibration principles to care surface of the skin, and effectively vibrate dead skin, so that it is broken and fall off; and the new skin can grow better, after use of this product, you skin will become clean and white.
It can be used to export dirt --“sedimentary pigments”, and “metal ions inside the cosmetics” from the pores, and import the nutrition and agent needed by the skin.