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  • Power voltage As label on the machine
  • Frequency  50/60 Hz
  • Power  7 W
  • Weight  3.2 kg

Product DETAIL


As time goes by, age increases at the same time, skin becomes more and more picky, and body function declines gradually. Wrinkles appear and flecks become apparent, and baby’s skin disappears. However, using common cosmetic to solve troubles caused by UV and frequent making up is not so easy. What’s more, common cosmetic can only provide temporary and short time effect and the effective composition will not go into skin. Human aging is because the metabolism slows down, electric energy reduces, and cell’s recovering ability is not enough to resist aging caused by factors related to body, therefore replenishing electric energy to restore the normal metabolism is the most efficient method to suspending aging. Magic hand age reverse instrument can effectively restrain human body function aging, and it uses special micro-current formula design to produce reaction with bioelectric current in human body, consequently to stimulate cell activation, promote metabolism, and recover human body strength and energy.

Main functions
Magic hand age reverse instrument has skin lift, spot elimination, whitening, and wrinkle removal and other magic functions.
Brief instruction is as following:
1. Efficiently improve skin’s moistening ability, and further improve skin absorption ability. When skin cell has sufficient nutrition, it will not age easily, and the cell elastic fiber will not broke easily, and wrinkle up the face.
2. Improve blood and lymphoid circulation, maintain normal metabolisms function, strengthen blood vessel wall, and improve blood vessel angiectasis and dark and gloomy color phenomena.
3. Deeply excite the cell function, replenish its bio-electric energy, accelerate metabolisms and eliminate black spots.
4. Tighten pore, remove aged cutin, restore the normal ionic arrangement and solve the skin problem.

Applicable scope
1. Remove sundries and toxin due to bad circulation
2. Clean the blood vessel;
3. Calm skin and make nerve relax;
4. Activate and excite blood circulation;
5. Strengthen muscle organization movement, and improve its function and metabolism;
6. Strengthen lymph transportation;
7. Suspend skin aging speed.
8. Stimulate the corium layer reproduction, and make it produce more collagen and elastic fiber;
9. Excite skin never endings sensitivity;
10. Make skin pink and health.

Beauty target:
1. Control acid reaction in blood, help blood restore weak acid and improve metabolism, and activate cells, in order to make human recover from tired feeling easily and avoid aging;
2. According to the reported weak acid blood, it can make regular nerve have normal transmission, improve endocrine gland function, and improve nervous centralis and tip neuron reflex ability to make it become more active.
3. Stimulation to human body skin impulse can produce molecular properties change, can remove toxin or peroxide and interstitial fluid, and make circulation and strengthen metabolism.
4. In terms of organ, body fluid, organization, and system’s function coordination, it can maintain and improve it.
5. Maintain skin acid protection film, and clean hair follicle, tighten pore and muscle, strengthen muscle ability on absorbing nutrition, make cell activate quickly, produce gentle, wet, and delicate effect, and prevent aging and form face.
Clean body and blood, break fat cells, make fat burn, just as tendons pulling effect, arrange the tendons and blood vessel to proper position, and make the body and gesture light and loveable.