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  • seat type herbal steam slimming capsule WS-5007

seat type herbal steam slimming capsule WS-5007


  • Technical parameters:
  • Voltage: AC220V-AC240V/110V
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Maximum current: 14A
  • Maximum power: 3000W
  • Average power consumption: 2000W/h (20℃ environment)

Product DETAIL


1.Negative ion breezing 
2.Ozone sterilization
3.Hot steam
4.Herbal slimming
5.Spectrum therapy

Suggested suitable courses:
* Lose weight
* Eliminate toxin
* Whiten the skin
* Metabolism * Decompression
* Accelerate the blood circulation
* Restore the skin's luster and elasticity
Suitable groups:
People of all ages except heart sufferers and diabetes sufferers.