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  • Sitting-type Perfume Medicine Bathroom WS-5006

Sitting-type Perfume Medicine Bathroom WS-5006


  • Model:WS-5006
  • Function:
  • 1. Negative ion breeze
  • 2. Ozone sterillization
  • 3. Hot steam  
  • 4. Herbal slimming
  • 5. Spectrum therapy
  • 6. Musical therapy with radio system. LCD installed
  • Suggested suitable courses:
  • Lost weight,
  • Eliminate toxin,
  • Whiten the skin
  • Metabolism,
  • Decompression,
  • Accelerate the blood circultion,
  • Restore the skin's luster and elasticity.
  • Suitable groups:
  • People of all ages except heart sufferens and diabetres sufferers.
  • Techniacl parameters:
  • Voltage:AC220V-AC240V/110V
  • Frequency:50Hz/60Hz
  • Maximum current:14A
  • Maximum power:3000W
  • Average power consumption:2000W/h(20'c environment)
  • Product Size:100*81*144cm
  • Package Size:115*101*177cm

Product DETAIL


Sitting aroma medical bath cabinet


The aroma medical bath is one of the ancient and effective

external methods of treatment in the Chinese medical treatment optics.

1.    Unique way of supplying medicine:

     The effective elements in the medical bathing lotion can go into

the human body through skin, membrane, arteries and veins to exer

cise their use. Some volatile medical molecules can go into the body

through snoot respiratory channel, thus avoiding the stimulation of the

medicine on oral cavity membrane, digestive channel and stomach and

relieving the burden on the liver to increase the degree of application

of the medicine.

2.    More and more applicable subjects

   Thanks to the long time medical treatment practice and the

process of combating the nature, generations of doctors have been

exploring and summarizing the experience of treating various diseases

by medical bath. It not only is advantageous in treating bone injury,

skin diseases and external anus and intestines, but also can treat

effectively the diseases of internal medicine and gynecology.

3.    Combination of medical treatment and water treatment

    In the process of medical bath treatment, there is coordination

among absorbing the medicine, temperature stimulation of vapor,

physical stimulation, chemical stimulation and the medicine.

Therefore, Chinese medical bath is a combination of medical treatm

ent and physical treatment.

4.    Safe, dependable and innoxious

    With the discovery of the toxic side-effects of chemically-

synthesized medicine, some changes have taken place in the develop

ment trend of international medicine, such as the transition from

chemical elements synthesized medicine to natural medicine and the

transition from pure treatment medicine to treatment and skin-care,

facial care and body-beautifying medicine, which is the very

characteristic and advantage of Chinese medicine.

5.    Chinese medicine has a good effect in keeping the skin moisture,

tender and smooth.

    Modern pharmacological study has proven that the Chinese

medicine in the Chinese medical steaming contains alkaloid, amino

acid, vitamin and botanical hormone to nourish and protect the skin,

increase the immunity of the skin, protect epidermal cells and skin

elasticity and delay aging.


Major functions:                     

Active oxygen ion treatment           

Ozone bacteria killing                

All-over steaming bath               

Aroma herbal medical treatment        

Body spectrum treatment             

Musical treatment                   

Dynamic display


Suggested courses:

Body-slimming, weight-losing and toxic-discharging

Leisure, strength your body and anti-aging

Whitening the body and clean the skin

Relieve heat treatment metabolism

Anti-pressure, speed up blood circulation

Restore the polish and elasticity of the skin


Technical parameters:

Operation voltage: AC220V

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Maximum operation current: 14A

Maximum power: 2000W

Average power consumption: 2000W/h (20℃of environment)

Average power consumption:





1.    This machine is a high-tech product. It is forbidden to dismantle the


2.    This machine should be waterproof, fireproof, damp-proof and


3.    When this machine is used, it should be kept far away from any

interfering source.

4.    Do not use sharp objects for the control panel.

5.    If it can not be electrified, check the fuse to see whether it is good.

If it has been burned, replace with a fuse of the same coefficient.

6.    The standard power source AC220V50Hz is used for this machine.

The electric current should not go above the specified value. The plug

is a three-pole plug, so do not remove the grounded wire.

7.    When the machine stops working, shut the machine first before

plugging out the power supply.

8.    If the surface of the machine is stained, do not use corrosive or

strong oxidizing chemical detergent to clean.

9.    The machine can not be used by sufferers of heart disease or high

blood pressure or by pregnant women or people with a bad health.

10.   When using the machine, do not let the body come into direct

contact with the light source appliance or heating body in case it

should be burned.

11.   When the baby can not express his own will, do not use the machine

in case fear should lead to the burning or cut of the baby.

12.   Do not use this machine as the warmer for animals like cats or dogs.

The pets like to scratch or gnaw the surface of the wire to lead to

breakage, accidents or fire.

13.   The machine can be polished with wax every half a month. (heat

and light wax for cars or bicycles)

14.   This machine is a high temperature product. Do not uncover the

steaming box to add Chinese medicine or pour the medicine residue

when it is not cooled.