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  • WS-5009A Luxury Dry / Wet Photo-catalyst Fitness Cabin

WS-5009A Luxury Dry / Wet Photo-catalyst Fitness Cabin


  • Model: WS-5009A
  • Operating Voltage: AC220V-240V/110V
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Maximum operating current: 14A
  • Maximum power: 3000W
  • The power of the display screen: DC14W
  • Size of the instrument: 224CM*90CM*119CM
  • Net weight: 159 KG

Product DETAIL

Function Description

Health-care Scope: flushing massage, fatigue relief, body building, skin care, resolution of toxins and keeping youthfulness, oxidation reduction, having the effect of physiotherapy on stomach flu, arthritis, and rheumatoid steatorrhea dermatitis.


Stimulate the blood circulation, relieve of fatigue, and increase energy.

Stimulate the meridians, relieve of pain.

Activate the skin, slow down aging, promote metabolism.

Deep cleansing, beautify the skin.

Weighting losing and body building.

16 major functions

Sauna steam bath

Massage by dynamic water flow

Aromatherapy, herbal bath Bath

Bubble bath

Vichy Spa(8 needle-style water massage nozzles)

Spectrum therapy(colorful lights)

Shower flushing bath

Ozone gas sterilization and cleansing

Voice prompt

Internal DVD, FM radio

TFT 7-inch LCD

Losing weight and shaping the body

Photo-catalyst (Photo +catalyst activator)

Water bed suiting the human body

Dry steaming

Leisure and fitness

Panel Instruction

WS-5009A Luxury Dry / Wet Photo-catalyst Fitness Cabin 02
1. Controller switch button: turn the power switch on and press this button, the system will go standby.
2. Time adjust button: press this button and you can use +/- to adjust your steam time. (Please note that the steam time cannot be set zero)
3. Steam switch button
4. Ozone disinfection control button
5. Infrared receiver
6. Dry steaming control button
7. Alarm bell button
8. Temperature/Time adjusting button
9. Spray button: this button is usually a composite button, pressing once will change one spray style and it will spray at top, middle, and bottom circularly
10. Top-spray control button
11. Sound volume adjust button
12. Frequency/channel storage selection button
13. Frequency/channel adjust button: after selecting the MHz function by pressing the above button, use this button to adjust radio frequency. When you press the button longer than 2 seconds it will tune automatically. Use the selection button to select the ch. Function and you will come to the stored radio frequency.
14. Radio/CD switch button
15. Temperature switch button: when you press this button, you can use +/- to adjust your favorite steam temperature. (The steam temperature must be higher than the room temperature)
16. Dynamic display screen

Technical Parameters of the instrument

Operating Voltage




Maximum operating current


Maximum power


The power of the display screen


Size of the instrument


Size of the package


Net weight

159 KG

Functions Introduction

Steam Function
1. Temperature setting: press the temperature/time selection button on the control box or remote control and you will see the original temperature and the temperature setting signal is on; then you can press temperature/time adjust button +/- to set your favorite steam temperature (0-60℃). 2 seconds later after stopping pressing the button, it will show the actual measured temperature.

2. Time setting: press the temperature/time selection button on the control box or remote control, the time setting will show, and you can press+/- to get the needed time set.

Radio storage function

1. The frequency mode: when entering the frequency mode (MHz), the display screen will show channels (88-108). Then press the TUN button to adjust the radio frequency; when you press the button longer than 2 seconds, it will tune automatically. And the system will stop searching for listening or store the channels automatically when it searches radios.

2. The channel mode: when it is in the channel mode (ch.), the screen will show the two digitals of the channel, you can tune the channel by pressing TUN button.

3. Storage selection: you can listen to the radios by selecting the stored channels (1-28) and you can also store the tuned radio channels; at the same time, pressing this button until the characters on the display screen shine, the system enter the storage mode; when the shining stops, it means the radio channel has been stored in the system. You don’t have to tune the frequency again when you want to listen next time.

Photo-catalyst function
Photo catalyst has strong capability in bactericidal, deodorization, mildew-proof, antifouling and self-cleaning, and water and air purification, and decomposing the toxins and heavy metals of skin in order to achieve the goal of losing weight, whitening, and recuperating functions. The photo catalyst will automatically generate when the instrument is switched on.

Ozone gas function

Ozone gas function is on when pressing the button and it is off when pressing again. When the ozone gas function is turned on for non-stop 20 minutes, it will shut down automatically.

Alarm function

When accident happens, press the alarm button, the alarm bell will ring, and in this case, all functions except the light are shut down automatically and only the alarm button works. To recover other functions, you need to turn off the alarm function and operate the instrument again. All functions except steam temperature time, water heating temperature setting, radio frequency need to be restarted.

Dry Steaming Function
The fat cells will be consumed and decomposed when exposed to light wave, so you can achieve the goal of losing weight and shaping body without exercising much.

Shutting down function

When pressing ON/OFF button, you can shut down all functions and open the drainage valve. The instrument will drain the water automatically. After the water is drained, please turn off the power so as to keep the instrument in good condition.

Music function

Provide the physical therapist with a pleasant and comfortable environment via playing pleasant music or one’s favorite programs, for the purpose of relaxing one’s mind, dissipating fatigue and make one energetic.