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  • 1.Power voltage:220-240V / 110V           
  • 2.Power frequency:50/60Hz
  • 3.Power: 60W                
  • 4. Packing dimensions: 68*36*20cm

Product DETAIL


Ancient Greek Venus in fourth century B.C. becomes symbol of beauty and love. Her breasts are full, with suitable size, which not only represents abundance and fecundity, but also fully and directly reveals secondary sex characteristics and openly shows female’s charm. Meanwhile, her breasts reach a noble and pure state for beauty. Moderate and well-featured hemispherical breasts are standard of breasts beauty, which is the meaning of art. 
Breast cancer has become natural enemy of women, according to the statistics from international sanitary departments, 75% of women suffer from breast diseases, therefore, breast maintenance, protection and breast fitness are very important, let us know our breasts early, and protect them scientifically, the full and elastic breast not only can show your strong and handsome body type, but also, it can reflect the physique. Today, breast beauty engineering of fluctuation energy let women lose their sad, you charm can be expressed through fluctuant graceful line and outline.

Working principle
The instrument adopts the most advanced electronic integration technology, to treat human as the conductor, using biological current with human information energy to nourish human body, which can dredge the channel instantly, to achieve the effects of dredging without pain. The machine can be used to quickly supplement life energy of human body, dredge the main and collateral channels, and balance yin and yang, increase oxygen content inside the body, regulate internal organs, to achieve the functions of chest enlarging, weight losing , fitness and maintenance.
The instrument adopts different wave bands of the photons to stimulate increase of collagen, and regenerate cells in the skin, at the same time; it can improve absorption speed of the products, to activate the skin in sleeping.
Micro-current adopts the principle of supplying electric energy to the breast, which can generate resonance with biological current in the breast, to promote metabolism,accelerate its blood circulation, and stimulate cell activation, so that the breast tissues become more developed.
The vibrating cup can generate resonance with the breast, so that muscles at the breast can be exercised, and the breast becomes more elastic,fuller and charming.
Using vacuum negative-pressure theory to achieve modulation in full-frequency wave, using the regular absorption rhythm to promote the fat particle and liquid to enter tissue cells of the breast, update and assemble the breast tissues for expanding and sizing. At the same time, suction and release of vacuum air pressure can increase local blood circulation of the skin, accelerate absorption of fat particles and multiple nutrition substances, to fully meet metabolism and demands of the breast tissues. Let you have beautiful, natural and full breast.