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  • Ultrasonic Beauty Instrument B-627

Ultrasonic Beauty Instrument B-627


  • Model: B-627
  • Operating voltage: As label on the machine
  • Maximum power of the complete machine: 15W
  • Ultrasonic frequency: 1-1.1MHZ
  • Packing size: 27* 10*27(L*W*D) cm
  • Gross weight: 1.5Kg
  • Net weight: 1.35Kg

Product DETAIL


1. Soften the blood clot and eliminate the “red face”.

2. Eliminate the scar left by the healed acne.

3. Eliminate the skin pigmentation disorder.

4. Dissolve the pigment to eliminate the subcutaneous plaque.

5. Remove wrinkle, remove blood stasis and conduct face lift.

6. Remove eye bags and dark circles.

7. Soften hard mass for defatting and acne treatment skin sclerosis and snake skin pathosis.

8. Conduct massage frequently to improve skin quality.


It is excellent for improving blood circulation and metabolism.

It offers you a safe and reliable way to improve facial skin pigmentation, skin elasticity and deeply eliminate wrinkles.

Large contact area, better conductive effect.

Suitable for all kinds of skin.

How to use?

1. Before the application of the ultrasonic instrument, it is necessary to clean the facial skin with the appropriate facial cleanser.

2. After the facial cleanser has been wiped out, it is necessary to steam the face with the spray device for 10 minutes.

3. Clear out the facial blackhead, acne, etc.

4. Gently pat the appropriate shrinkage water on each part of the face.

5. Gently wipe out the shrinkage water.

6. Clearly analyze the skin nature and the problem to be dealt with, and then select the most suitable ointment.

7. Apply the selected ointment on the face properly and evenly.

8. Switch on the power and select an appropriate output socket to connect with the ultrasonic probe.

9. Adjust the power size (ENERGY) according to the power switch (START).

10. Adjust the time appropriately, which generally will be 15 minutes.

11. Select the handle (SELECT)mode, that is, round head or sharp head according to the need; waveform(STATE)-“continuous wave or impulse wave”.

12. Massage the skin applied with ointment with the probe.

13. After the ultrasonic wave treatment has been finished, it is necessary to clean the probe.

14. If the appropriate Chinese traditional medicine powder is selected, the skin will become fresh and pleasant.