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  • Space heat energy body-shaping machine WS-1039C

Space heat energy body-shaping machine WS-1039C


  • Model:WS-1039C
  • Function:
  • Space heat energy body-shaping machine
  • Functions:
  • 1. Negative ion breeze.
  • 2. Far infrared dry-steaming.
  • 3. Ozone disinfection.
  • 4. Body spectrum treatment.
  • 5. Digital control.
  • 6. Musical therapy (optional)
  • 7.Three-color light therapy
  • Suggested courses:
  • Overall whitening, Cream massage, ease heating therapy, weight-losing, and fat-melting
  • Technical parameters
  • Voltage:220V-240V/110V  
  • Frequency:50Hz/60Hz   
  • Maximum current:7A  
  • Maximum power:1500W
  • Average power consumption :800W/h(20'C environment) 
  • Width:86cm
  • Height:95cm
  • Extension height:169cm
  • Product size:224*84*104cm  
  • Packing size:234*97*112cm
  • Suitable groups: 
  • People of all ages except heart sufferers and diabetes sufferers

Product DETAIL


Functions and principles of the Heat energy spaceship

The heat energy spaceship absorbs the intelligence of the science of medicine including color light therapy, heat therapy and aromatherapy, and the science and technology of physics and electronics. It also combines the essence of Chinese traditional medicine and western science and technology to concentrate the boundless universe on an environment spaceship which can be freely controlled to let one’s soul seek his dream and imagination to his heart’s desire. In this independent spaceship, the essence, breathing and spirit of a human body are combined. The red infrared will resonate to massage the fatty cells in the way of radiation resonance and soften the fat and produce minor heat, improve blood circulation, activate muscles and bones and increase the overall metabolism in the body. The abundant negative ion will make you feel like being soaked in a forest to thoroughly remold yourself. In terms of beautifying the skin, it can deep-cleanse the skin and clean the pores to strengthen the deep penetration and absorption of oceanic products so as to achieve the effects of whitening, keeping the moisture, increasing elasticity of the skin and preventing from the wrinkles. In terms of beautifying the body, it can open the pores in the skin to heat the body to improve the metabolism.
Major functions:

1. Heat therapy: the infrared light wave will act upon endemic fat to increase the combination of fat and oxygen (i.e. burn the fat) and discharge the liquidized fat outside the body with sweat. 20-30 minutes of use can consume 600 calories of energy, which is equal to the consumption of running for 100,000 meters. The temperature inside the spaceship can be as high as 90 degrees, which can improve lymph circulation to discharge the toxic and surplus water inside the body to slim the body. It has been proved by the science of medicine that it has some assistant functions to arthritis and rheumatism.
2. Color light therapy: by adopting brand-new color light therapy, the specially-designed light source radiates color light wave to improve the metabolism of human cells. It has different functions to various kinds of problematic skins.
3. Negative ion facial breeze: it adopts negative ion breeze to adjust the metabolism of the skin, increase the elasticity of skin, delay aging and ease local muscle injury and pain.
4. Aromatherapy: based on the essence oil vent, it can be combined with essence oil of plants with different functions to go into by absorption the internal organs to treat physically, soul and spirit.
5. Bacteria-killing system: it can deep-cleanse the capillary pores and eliminate all the harmful heavy metal substance in your body.
6. Musical therapy: it is equipped with CD appliance to relax human mind, eliminate tiredness and supply energy.

Function configuration


1.       Time set          □

2.       Temperature set          □

3.       Far infrared dry-steaming          □

4.       Negative ion breeze          □

5.       Ozone bacteria-killing system          □

6.       Spectrum therapy          □

7.       Aromatherapy          □

8.       CD configuration          □ Note: it is configured additionally


Instruction:when the upper spaceship is started for dry-steaming, the negative ion breeze and spectrum are started at the same time. When the temperature rises to the set value, the negative ion breeze and the spectrum will automatically shift to the natural wind and the natural light (i.e. they will be start for 1 minute with a pause of 30 seconds) to recycle repeatedly to give you a feeling of being in a forest.





What is the infrared?

Answer: The infrared is one of the magnetic waves. Scientific research shows that what is virtually beneficial and harmless to human body is the invisible infrared, the magnetic radiation wave with a wavelength of 0.75-1000um. While far infrared refers to the infrared with a wavelength of 3-1000um. Modern scientific research proves that human body itself is both an infrared illuminant and an infrared absorption. The absorption of human body of the infrared has three peak values with approximately wavelength of 1.2, 5.6 and 9.8um respectively. The heat spaceship is equipped with five far infrared radiation illuminants inside the product and it also adopts the far infrared radiator coated with microelements and designed with special crafts to radiate far infrared with a wavelength of 3-15um while filtering the harmful far infrared with a wavelength of 0.9-1.8um so that the light can be absorbed all-sided by human body to penetrate the skin to the joints and various organs to resonant them and human cells. It can use light to massage deeply to promote blood circulation, adjust the viscera, increase metabolism in order to prevent diseases, adjust the balance of Yin and Yang in human body, beautify and lose weight.



                    Why the infrared can heat?

Answer: Various kinds of molecules will expand continuously and when they are shone by the infrared, they will resonate and vibrate to produce the origin of friction heat. What’s more, the wavelength of the far infrared has a high penetrating ability. Common heat stimulation can only reach 0.5 cm down the surface of the skin, while using the far infrared, it can reach over 10cm down the surface so that human body will feel warm deep in the heart.



                  What is the relationship between the far infrared and health?

A.     The far infrared has the function of promoting blood circulation and increasing metabolism.

B.      The far infrared has a function of easing pain in that it can heat to act on the sensory nerve end to have the function of easing pain.



             What are the physiological functions of the far infrared?

1.       It can promote the physiological redox reaction to eliminate the accumulation of surplus fat and improve the quality of the body.

2.       Heat preservation effect: it can save the consumption of body energy to maintain body functions. Exercise can lose weight but it consumes body energy to lead to consumption of energy while the physiological effect of the far infrared can activate the cells to create more energy instead of consuming body energy.

3.       It can promote sweat and eliminate endemic fat (pay attention to the supply of water) which is good to discharging the heavy metal, toxic and accumulated waste in the body.

4.       It can activate physiological functions to stimulate hormone and ferment.

5.       It can increase energy, speed up metabolism, strengthen the use of nutritious elements and eliminate tiredness.

6.       It can treat physically muscle and nervous diseases, have a positive effect on the liver and eliminate the liver tension and nameless pain.

7.       It can prevent the development of cancer cells.

8.       It can ease the pain and diminish inflammation.

9.       It has the function of regeneration.





1.      This machine is a high-tech product. It is forbidden to dismantle the machine.

2.      This machine should be waterproof, fireproof, damp-proof and corrosion-proof.

3.      When this machine is used, it should be kept far away from any interfering source.

4.      Do not use sharp objects for the control panel.

5.      If it can not be electrified, check the fuse to see whether it is good. If it has been burned, replace with a fuse of the same coefficient.

6.      The standard power source AC220V50Hz is used for this machine. The electric current should not go above the specified value. The plug is a three-pole plug, so do not remove the grounded wire.

7.      When the machine stops working, shut the machine first before plugging out the power supply.

8.      If the surface of the machine is stained, do not use corrosive or strong oxidizing chemical detergent to clean.

9.      The machine can not be used by sufferers of heart disease or high blood pressure or by pregnant women or people with a bad health.

10.  When using the machine, do not let the body come into direct contact with the light source appliance or heating body in case it should be burned.

11.  When the baby can not express his own will, do not use the machine in case fear should lead to the burning or cut of the baby.

12.  Do not use this machine as the warmer for animals like cats or dogs. The pets like to scratch or gnaw the surface of the wire to lead to breakage, accidents or fire.

13.  The machine can be polished with wax every half a month. (heat and light wax for cars or bicycles)