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  • Sunbath WS-5008

Sunbath WS-5008


  • Model:WS-5008
  • Function:
  • Spectrum therapy, burn the fat, whiten the skin, and enhance immunity.
  • Suitable groups:
  • People of all ages except heart sufferers and diabetes sufferers.
  • Technical parameters:
  • Voltage:AC220-AC240/110V
  • Frequency:50Hz/60Hz
  • Current:3.4A
  • Performance power:750W
  • Performance wavelength:560-1200nm
  • Product size:78*53*62cm 91*66*93cm
  • Packing size:87*62*69cm 106*74*83cm


Product DETAIL


1. When the strength of the light source instrument is selected to be 10, the machine will output the infrared.
The propagation of radiation of the infrared in its interaction with human body is mainly represented by the fluctuation of wave. In terms of wavelength, the infrared has a larger wavelength. When the light wave of the infrared with larger wavelength reflects upon human body, the body will absorb the light wave to lead to various functions.
The heat effect of the infrared: when the light wave is absorbed by body cells, heat will be produced. After the fatty cells absorb magnetic wave, they will decompose to be discharged out of the body to realize the aim of body-shaping, weight-losing and whitening. The heat effect can also dredge arteries and veins and harmonize spirit and blood.
2. When the strength of the light source instrument is selected to be 20-90 units, the machine will output light of particle characteristics with different strength and smaller wavelength.
Particle actinism: After the human body absorbs light wave, chemical reaction will result, which is the physiological function of light on human body. This physiological function can adjust physiological mechanism and beautify skin to achieve the aim of preserving health.
3. Spectrum therapy: gentle and gradually strengthening light can relax human body, relieve mental strain, improve the quality of sleep, promote metabolism, slim your body and help you lose weight.

● Attention in application:
1. Use it when the power supply has a leakage and overload protection;
2. Make sure there is not damage to the power line before use;
3. Operate in proper ways;
4. Do not use it in a place where the moisture of the environment is relatively large;
5. In application, do not let your body come into direct contact with the light source instruments in case you should be burned;
6. The machine can not be used by sufferers of light-sensitivity or high blood pressure;
7. In application, adjust strength based on the suitability of your body and stop using immediately if there is any discomfort;
8. When the baby can not express his own will, do not use the machine in case fear should lead to the burning or cut of the baby.
9. Do not use this machine as the warmer for animals like cats or dogs. The pets like to scratch or gnaw the surface of the wire to lead to breakage, accidents or fire.
10. Do not use solvent to wipe this product since it will change or damage the surface of the machine with rosin or paint;
11. The machine can be polished with wax every half a month.

● Functions of buttons
1. ON/OFF: it is the button to start or shut the machine which is used for the start and shut of the power supply of the machine.
2. START: it is the button indicating the system starts to operate. Press this button when necessary parameters are set.
3. SELECT: the selection button of operation method which is used to select the physical treatment direction needed by the user.
4. ▲▼: it is used to strengthen or weaken the operation strength of the light source equipment (light wave generator) configured with LED strength display.
5. TIMER: timing function button
6. Map of the panel:

● Instruction on display instruments (in an order of left to right)

1. TIME-LED: it displays time set by user with a maximum value of 90 minutes.
2. ▲▼-LED: it displays the operation strength of light source instrument with a range of 10-90 strength units. When the parameter is set to be 10 units, the light source instrument is infrared output, and when it is set to be 20-90 units, the output will be visible light with different wavelength. The output light will simulate natural sunshine or is equal to the sun in the morning, at noon or at dusk. The light with different wavelength can be observed with the help of spectrum instrument.
3. ⅠⅡⅢ-LED: it indicates the operation direction of the light source instrument;
POWER-LED: it indicates the light when the machine is started.