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  • WS-5018A Royal Photon Slimming Crystal Spaceship

WS-5018A Royal Photon Slimming Crystal Spaceship


  • Model: WS-5018A
  • Voltage: AC240V / AC110V
  • Working Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Max Power: 1200W
  • Working Current: 5.5A
  • Packaging(Size): Main body, 242*128*68cm  Arc light source mantle,135*75*150cm  LED display shelf,120*48*108cm

Product DETAIL


With the rocketing economic development and social progress, women'desire for beauty is also increasing with each passing day. Being fat is a nightmare for all women. Is there a method of shaping without causing any pain or torture to your body, without forcing you doing backbreaking exercises, without depriving you of delicious food? The answer is “yes”. Combined the physical therapy of western medicine and the psychological cosmetology, the “Queen” Shaping Crystal Capsule takes the features of female body and modern standard of beauty into full consideration and provides an ideal choice for those dreaming of perfect figure.

What is the modern standard of beauty? On mentioning this, five elements should be taken into account, namely, skeleton structure, muscle, fat, skin and facial features.

As the basis for figure and appearance, so the skeleton structure should be of appropriate size and proportion. Muscle and fat locate between skeleton and skin, contributing to the curves of female body. Muscles make us look healthy while fat makes body elastic and smooth. The well-proportioned fat and muscle add to the vigor and charm of women. Despite the absence of an absolute standard of facial beauty, it is generally accepted that smooth skin, bright eyes and appropriate proportion among facial features are indispensable to facial beauty.

Then how does the Queen Optical Shaping Crystal Capsule bring you to the land of health and beauty?

As a matter of fact, human beings boast inherent vigor, just like the powerful root-system of trees, deeply rooted under-earth and nurturing and leaves and branches spreading in sun. As long as we can evoke this potential vigor, we open the door to healthy and natural life. The Queen Optical Shaping Crystal Capsule boasts this magic power, which can activate the potential vigor through yoga. Yoga therapy adopts various postures to help people concentrate and adjust breath, so as to appease the nerves, reduce tension and fatigue, even to cure some diseases like high blood pressure and heart disease to a certain degree.

The Queen Optical Shaping Crystal Capsule is equipped with VCD, which can play beautiful music or visual program so as to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for customers. In this way, it can comfort nerves and keep customers in good mood. As we know, good mentality is indispensable to women'health and beauty. A physically healthy yet depressed or gloomy woman can hardly be beautiful. So it is of vital importance to free us from depression and anxiety and keep us in good spirit. Besides, good mentality is also conducive to blood circulation as well as better elasticity and glamour of skin.

Working Principle

The Queen Optical Shaping Crystal Capsule adopts the photon composite lights, which is of broad spectrum. The composite lights is a combination of visible lights ranging between 500-6500nm in wave length, comprising the near-infrared energy and mid-infrared energy. It can release great power in a brief period of time to heat up the skin tissues and destroy aged cells. It boast great penetrating force, which can reach the epidermis level, activate cells and improve blood circulation, so as to boost metabolism, cure impaired cells and facilitate the self –generation and self-restoration of skin.

Photochemical effect: The skin tissue absorb the photon in composite lights and give rise to a series of photochemical effects, which resulted in improved activity of enzyme, aminophenol, protein and nucleic acid as well as transformed molecule structures. The red lights in composite lights absorbed by cells will benefit the activity of hydrogen peroxide in cell mitochondrion. The improved metabolism and self generation speed up the healing up of wounds while the enhanced power of leucocytes contributes to better immunity.

Energy effect: The composite lights and healthy skin cells share the same vibrating frequency. So although composite lights spread over the body in a seemly even way, the lights are first absorbed by healthy cells, which activate the cells and produce thermo energy or kinetic energy. The energy is spread to surrounding cells with resonance and causes the re-arrange of cells, making the skin bright and smooth.

Photo thermo-effect: It is known to us all that scorching sun will make us sweat. Then how to explain this phenomenon in a scientific way? That is because the light waves are absorbed by body cells, which are transformed into heat and cause us sweat. Composite lights do not comprise ultra violet that is harmful to skin, yet they can still exert photo thermo effect. Fat cells will be excluded from body after absorbing optical waves. In this way, shaping function is fulfilled.

Function, Period of Therapy and Technical Features


1. Specialized computer-controlled shaping function, with 12 pulse output as well as 24 electrode patches applicable to various parts of body.

2. CPU-designed pulse modes, serving various purposes in shaping courses. 

3. Automatic circulation and timing control system.

4. The light intensity parameter ranges between 0-99 according to specific therapy demands.

5. Equipped with VCD, LED display, used for playing music and visual program for physical therapy. 

6. Manual operation to locate lights on particular parts of body. Focus on key areas to carry out shaping therapy. Effective in shaping S-figure. 

7. Equipped with crystal glass mattress. Clean and sanitary. 

Suggested Period of Therapy

1. Skin-beautifying & whitening Therapy

2. Shaping Therapy

3. Muscle-exercising Therapy( free you from sub-health)

4. Music Therapy (psychological therapy)

5. Yoga Therapy

Installation of Light source mantle

For the convenience of transport, the main body and light source mantle are disassembled before packaging. The assemble procedure is like following:

1. After taking off the package, put the arc light source mantle on the main body.

2. Align the two screw holes on light source mantle correspondingly with their connecting holes on main body.

3. Use spanner to locate the screws in the corresponding holes and fasten the screws.

4. Connect the plug of light source mantle to the main body.

5. After finishing assemble, turn on the power and make a trial operation.

WS-5018A Royal Photon Slimming Crystal Spaceship 02

LED Display

1. “1”indicates the set-time of a certain therapy. Press +- to set time.

2. “2”indicates the working hours of lamp, LED display and VCD. Use T1 to adjust it.

3. “3”indicates the intensity of light source , which is adjusted with D1.

4. “4”indicates the intensity of bottom light of the main body, which is adjusted with D0.

5. “5”indicates the working hour of light source mantle, which is adjusted with T2.

6. L1、L2、L3 indicate the working condition of D2、D3、D4.

7. LA-LL corresponds to the output of A-L.

8. “WORK、STOP”indicates the working condition of shaping therapy( whether it starts or pauses)

9. “SYMDISPLAY”is the indicator of frequency choice.

10. “ERROR”indicates mistakes in operation.

11. P1、P2、P3、P4 indicate the mode of pulse.

Functions of Knobs and buttons

1. +- is used to set the time of shaping therapy

2. PAUSE/START is used to start or stop the therapy

3. SELEC is used to select frequency mode. AUTO button is used to select automatic mode.

4. T1 is used to set the time of the instrument. D1 is the knob used to adjust the intensity of bottom light of main body while D0 is used to adjust the light intensity. T2 is used to set the working hour of light source mantle.

5. D2、D3、D4 are used to select red light of arc mantle, blue light of arc mantle and light source of cordate mantle.

6. A-L is used to adjust the output power of various pulses, corresponding to A-L output.

Operation Instruction

1. Connect the instrument to power and turn the T1 to set the working hour of light source.

2. 5 minutes later, use D0、D1、D2、D3、D4 to select light source.

3. Use D0、D1to adjust intensity of light. Turning the knob in clockwise direction will increase the intensity.

4. After the small red signal of T1-LED begin to glitter, turn on the VCD and LED display, put disc into VCD.

5. Use T2 to start light source mantle. Turning T2 in the clockwise direction will increase the working hours.

6. Use TIMER to set time for shaping therapy. The pre-set time is 30 minutes. Press button to re-set the time if necessary.

7. Press the button of SELECT to select desired mode from P1 to P4, or press the AUTO button to let the instrument select mode automatically.

8. Press SPEED button to select frequency of output pulse.

9. Connect the electrode plug of patches and put the patches on parts of body to be treated. Two patches should be placed in symmetrical way or keep the distance between them within 5cm. Apply dedicated conducting liquid over the patches and tie them to the body with bandage.

10. Press the button of “PAUSE/START” to start shaping therapy.


1. D0: heating up,D1-D3 :Fat-decompound with strong pulse D4:Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

2. P1: to relax and appease muscles. Fit for skin massage.

3. P2: to firm and tighten the fat around breast and hips.

4. P3: to mock bionic movement(to firm muscle and decompound fat).

5. P4: to reduce weight. Adopt intense stimulation to drive the muscle to move and force fat granule out of fat cells, so as to reduce the fat layer.


1.Different electrode patches should be chosen according to specific size of areas to be treated so as to guarantee a close contact between electrode and skin. Big electrode patch for big area while small-sized one for small area.

2. Apply dedicated conducting liquid or clean water (oily liquid is forbidden to use) over the skin and electrode patch evenly to moisten the patch. Attention should be paid to see that electrode patch and skin contact closely and fully when tying them together. Dry patch surface or bad contact will cause pain to customers, which is a crucial point to be always kept in mind during operation.

3. Do not put electrode around heart so as to avoid excessive impact to heart caused by pulse.

4. The areas to be treated should be heated with steam for about 10 minutes, combined with massage for anther 5-10 minutes with dedicated lotion. Then use wet tissue or towel to clean the treated area. Use the knob to adjust and increase the current intensity in a gradual manner till the customers can feel slight current below the conducting patch. The intensity of light and pulse should always be kept acceptable to customers during the process. It is not necessary for customers to stand intensity unbearable to them.

5. Any dirt on the surface of conducting patch (the black surface) will do harm to conductivity and cause itch or pain to customers. So the conducting patch should be cleaned regularly.

6. Apply lotion on the skin after the therapy.


1. This instrument must be used with overload protection and creepage protection.

2. It is prohibited to change the circuit or structure. Any change to original circuit or structure of instrument will render the Guarantee invalid.

3. Be cautious of possible burn by lights or related equipment.

4. This instrument can only be used with supervision and guidance of specialized personnel.

5. It is prohibited for those who are pregnant, who are in bad health condition or with high blood pressure or heart disease to use this instrument.

6. Protect the instrument from water, fire, erosion or moisture environment.

7. Keep it away from children and pets in case of accidents.

8. It is prohibited for those who are pregnant, who with mental conductive substances within body or with acute fester inflammation to use the instrument.

9. The electrode patches should be applied with caution on face and neck.

10. It is prohibited to place the electrode patches around the heart lest any discomfort caused by pulse impact to heart.